So you’ve just moved to a new town and want to try and be more involved with your community. This can be quite a noble cause. By becoming more involved, you can learn more about the community you’ve just become a part of, lifting it up and likely even helping people in need. But how do you get involved with a community you’ve just moved to? What can you do to feel like you’re truly one with your neighbors? Here are a few tips.


One of the simplest ways to become more involved in your community is to volunteer your time. There are bound to be several organizations in your community that need people willing to give their precious time for a good cause. Perhaps there’s a local soup kitchen you can hand out food at, or maybe the library takes volunteers. While volunteering, you’ll not only do good things for your community, but you’ll likely meet other like-minded people with whom you can become friends.

Shop Locally

Another easy way to get more involved with your community is simply shopping at local businesses. While local businesses are often more expensive than bigger chain stores, supporting them can play a big role in how a community thrives. Perhaps your town has a farmers market, or maybe there are a lot of locally owned restaurants. Find a few locally owned stores and visit them as often as possible. You’ll support your neighbors and feel like you’re truly part of the community.

Donate to Local Causes

Donating is always a great way to become more involved. Find a local charity and donate what you can to them. It doesn’t always have to be money, either. Sometimes goods are accepted as well, depending on the charity. Perhaps a local baseball team is building funds for a new field. Or perhaps someone’s house burnt down, and the community is coming together to help each other. Whatever it is, donating to those in need within your community is always a great way to become more involved.