Annittra Atler

Philanthropy & Community

About Annittra Atler

Throughout her 26-year career within the APS School District, Annittra Atler has used her linguistic skills to promote and encourage diversity. She is TESOL endorsed and a Childhood Development Role Model, in addition to being recognized as a District Leadership Team member. Annittra has served as Assistant Principal, Facility Principal, Principal Support Specialist for Special Education, and Associate Superintendent of Special Education. 

Annittra’s talents lie in her ability to bridge the cultural and linguistic gaps as a liaison between the Special Education Department and the Department of Language and Cultural Equity. Annittra is known for improving student performance and well-being through collaboration. Annittra gave a presentation at the National WIDA conference, The premier conference for educators of multilingual students in prekindergarten through grade 12. She expressed her passion for advocating for culturally and linguistically diverse students. Her teaching method is founded on the unwavering conviction that all students can learn given the proper circumstances, which includes an encouraging environment, strong leadership, a committed and dedicated educational team, a supportive community, and a loving family.

Annittra Atler has the benefit of being an individual of influence. Annittra can spread awareness about hunger and enlist community support thanks to her notoriety as the winner of Ms. Woman New Mexico, United States. Despite federal programs in Albuquerque like the breakfast and lunch initiatives, some kids still go home hungry. Annittra’s backpack program aims to ensure that kids have access to the nutritious and convenient food they require when they return home from school. Grants and donations are the only funding sources for this program, and Annittra personally packs bags of healthy options for her students to take home. The monthly arrival of a portable food pantry stocked with items from Roadrunner Food Bank is another program Annittra Atler has introduced to the community. Fifty families are fed by the state’s monthly donation of 2,500 pounds of frozen meat, dairy, produce, and snacks.

Locker 505, a student clothing bank, is another charity that benefits from her pageant status. They provide appropriate school clothing for needy students in grades K-12. Annittra believes that giving students comfortable and appropriate clothing will enable them to concentrate on their studies without worrying about what they wear. The financial burden on their parents is reduced, and it helps to keep children in school who would otherwise skip class due to their clothing.

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